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City Pillar Shrine.

                New shrine was built for the first year 2502 by invoking the spirit of Major General HRH her family. Krom Prachaksinlapakhom sharp. Who founded the city in 2436 to be mounted when the Bangkok city pillar as well. The city pillar made of wood scraps multiply 5 meters long and 3 meters deep and is packaged ciphers sheet glass, gold and silver ring under the base for a number of fortune later in the year 2542 was. The shrine is built to replace the original decay. The building of the shrine is an architectural Thailand. Combining the art of the East. As the wishes of the people of Bangkok dating worship.

Also, the shrine has a statue of Thao Thao Ewssuwann Htuolkbal one in four parents are ogres and giants, as well as a symbol of their IMP Awards. The invitation to be enshrined after the creation of the new shrine. So it is said that the worship of Udon Thani City Pillar Shrine, and respectfully request that the divine blessings in the third set alone.

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